A New Year Begins

Our garden year began today with our first workday. Six of us showed up on this beautiful sunny day to tame the roses that live on the main rose arbor. In all there are five roses that share that space: Two moss roses, a Centifolia, a multiflora rose and Silver Moon, which is just an overgrown rambler.

Silver Moon blooming in 2019

Everyone got some trimming, but it’s the multiflora and the rambler that take the most care. If you prune too little there is way too much vegetative growth to deal with when the season is in full swing. If you prune too much there won’t be many blooms to enjoy in May and June. Of course only time will tell if we did it right this year!

We also walked around the garden beds to check out what’s growing. We have Leeks, Beets for seed, and the biggest surprize was the Cardoon!

The three plants are lined up along the fence, just soaking up the mid-winter sun. I can’t wait to see the blooms later this year!

Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter

The morning cleared off and left us with a beautiful sunny day, perfect for garden work. We cleared the beds, did a little weeding and harvested what was left of the potatoes and some squash. And our bumper crop of celery.

Then out came the wheelbarrow, and we covered the bare earth with straw. This will help suppress the weeds in the coming months. When spring arrives we’ll rake it off, fluff up the soil and start all over again!

Of course everything isn’t ready to go to sleep quite yet. Our peas decided to give us another round, and many of the annual flowers are still blooming. We will keep the beets and the leeks – hoping for seeds next spring.

Next is a little bit of fall rose pruning and relocating the compost bin. Check back later to see what’s going on in our garden.